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Often times we are asked, “What is meant by Ideation and Exactitude?”. Ideation is pretty self explanatory but, how do we, as Architects, define exactitude? We can look up exactitude in the dictionary, and provide a Webster’s definition, but Verve demonstrates exactitude by the types of projects we embrace. We strive for successful completion of challenging projects that require the ability to balance design and planning with intricate detailing while responding to challenging code requirements.

Our ability to infuse exactitude into our projects is what clients come to expect from us. BJC, GSK Tums, Digital Realty, BioMerieux, Wehrenberg Theaters and many others turn to us for our ability to solve problems with exact detailing. Many of these projects are Mission Critical and contain sensitive, proprietary information. Due to the confidentiality of the information on many of our projects, they are unable to be photographed and we are unable to share details.

Whether we are helping a team improve on the Good Manufacturing Practices, install the latest most technologically advanced clinical equipment like Linear Accelerators and MRI’s, or constructing new high hazard use group control areas for manufacturing clients, they know that we can dig through the details and make sure each part of their project gets the attention it deserves.

Exactitude is the effort we take to make your difficult project successful.